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AK-500-r-sight   AK 100-series 500 meter rear sight leaf
AK-grip-screw   AK grip screw
AK-grip-screw-w-bushing   AK grip screw with bushing
AK-r-sight-spring   AK rifle rear sight leaf spring
AK-47-r-sight   AK-47 rear sight leaf
AK47-cleaning-kit   AK47 cleaning kit
AK47-brush   AK47 cleaning kit brush
AK47-screwdriver   AK47 cleaning kit screwdriver
AK47-firing-pin   AK47 firing pins
Jag-tool-nos   AK47 jag tool.
AK74-brush   AK74 cleaning kit brush
AK74-screwdriver   AK74 cleaning kit screwdriver
AK74-firing-pins   AK74 firing pins
Patch-tool-2   AK74 patch tool 2
AKM-firing-pin   AKM firing pins
AK-74-r-sight   AKM/AK-74 1000 meter rear sight leaf
Bizon-flash-hider   Bizon flash hider
Black-oil-bottle   Black plastic oil bottle
AKSU-modern-sling   Current issue Russian AKS74U (Krink) sling
Double-metal-oil-bottle   Double-neck metal oil bottle
AK-black-set-early   Early Russian Black AK polymer furniture set, take-off
Experimental-top-cover   Experimental Russian dust cover
hand-select   Hand Select
Miscellaneous   Miscellaneous
grenade-pouch   Original Russian 2-cell grenade pouch
AK-3cell-pouch   Original Russian 3-cell AK 47 magazine pouch
AK-pouch   Original Russian 4-cell AK 47/74 magazine pouch
RPK47-mag-pouch   Original Russian 4-cell RPK 47 magazine pouch
RPK74-mag-pouch   Original Russian 4-cell RPK 74 magazine pouch
SVD-pouch   Original Russian 4-cell SVD/PSL magazine pouch
NSPU-pouch   Original Russian NSPU pouch
PSO-accessory-pouch   Original Russian PSO scope accesory pouch
PSO-accessory-kit   Original Russian PSO scope accessory kit
PSO-accessory-kit-winter   Original Russian PSO scope accessory kit
PSO-battery-cover   Original Russian PSO scope battery compartment cover
PSO-pouch   Original Russian PSO scope pouch
Izolenta   Original Russian blue electrical tape "izolenta"
Medical-bandana   Original Russian medical head-scarf
Back-pack   Original Russian Military Back pack
Sling-loops   Original Russian sling loops
Screws-stock-trunnion   Original Russian stock and trunnion screws
Russian-milled-stock-wood   Original Russian stock for milled receiver (wood)
Upper-retaining-spring   Original Russian upper handguard retaining spring
Marine-embroidered   Original Soviet marine patch
Marine-patch   Original Soviet marine patch
PBS-r-sight   PBS AK rear sight leaf
PSO-metal-eyepiece   PSO type scope metal lens protector with rubber cover
AKSU-hg-set-v-to-488   Rare Russian AKS74U (Krink) take-off vented handguard sets
AKSU-hg-set-v-to-934   Rare Russian AKS74U (Krink) take-off vented handguard sets
AKSU-hg-set-v-used   Rare Russian AKS74U (Krink) take-off vented handguard sets
AKSU-hg-set-v   Rare Russian AKS74U (Krink) vented handguard sets
AKSU-hg-set-v-4   Rare Russian AKS74U (Krink) vented handguard sets
AKSU-hg-set-v-6   Rare Russian AKS74U (Krink) vented handguard sets
AKSU-hg-set-v-7   Rare Russian AKS74U (Krink) vented handguard sets
RPK74-muzzle-brake   RPK-74 Muzzle brake
RPK-laminate-hg-set   RPK/Vepr 12 laminate handguard set
RPK-poly-black-hg-set   RPK/Vepr 12 polymer black handguard set
Vepr12-poly-lower   RPK/Vepr 12 polymer black handguard with pickatiny rails
RPK74-bipod   RPK74 bipod
RPK-74-sight   RPK74 rear sight leaf
RPK74M-poly-set-take-off   RPK74M polymer set, take off
AK-sling-69   Russian AK 47 1969 dated slings
AK-sling-50   Russian AK 47 early 50's slings
AK-Afghan-sling   Russian AK 47/74 Afghan war period "mustard" color slings
AK-Afghan-sling-2   Russian AK 47/74 Afghan war period "mustard" color slings
AK-bfpu-sling   Russian AK 47/74 BFPU slings
AK-bfpu-sling-dd   Russian AK 47/74 BFPU slings with double clips
AK-bfpu-sling-black   Russian AK 47/74 BFPU slings, black
AK-black-sling   Russian AK 47/74 marine black color slings
AK-sling   Russian AK 47/74 slings
AK-sling-dd   Russian AK 47/74 slings with 2 clips
AK47-extractor   Russian AK-47 extractor
Safety-T2-selector   Russian AK-47 Type 2 Safety Selector
Safety-T3-selector   Russian AK-47 Type 3 Safety Selector
AK74-butt-plate-to   Russian AK-74 butt plate with trap door and screws
AK-74-Drop-case   Russian AK-74 drop case
AK74-extractor   Russian AK-74 extractor
AK74-front-sight-post   Russian AK-74 Front Sight Post
AK74-wood-set--wrp23   Russian AK-74 furniture set
AK74-wood-set-takeoff-wrp10   Russian AK-74 furniture set
AK74-wood-set-takeoff-wrp11   Russian AK-74 furniture set
AK74-wood-set-takeoff-wrp12   Russian AK-74 furniture set
AK74-wood-set-takeoff-wrp13   Russian AK-74 furniture set
AK74-wood-set-takeoff-wrp14   Russian AK-74 furniture set
AK74-wood-set-takeoff-wrp15   Russian AK-74 furniture set
AK74-wood-set-takeoff-wrp16   Russian AK-74 furniture set
AK74-wood-set-takeoff-wrp17   Russian AK-74 furniture set
AK74-wood-set-takeoff-wrp18   Russian AK-74 furniture set
AK74-wood-set-takeoff-wrp19   Russian AK-74 furniture set
AK74-wood-set-takeoff-wrp20   Russian AK-74 furniture set
AK74-wood-set-takeoff-wrp21   Russian AK-74 furniture set
AK74-wood-set-takeoff-wrp22   Russian AK-74 furniture set
AK74-wood-set-takeoff-wrp8   Russian AK-74 furniture set
AK74-brake-zig-zag   Russian AK-74 muzzle brake, early (zig-zag)
AK74-brake-half-moon   Russian AK-74 muzzle brake, late (half-moon)
AK74-zip-sheet   Russian AK-74 parts "sheet"
AK74-rubber-butt-plate-to   Russian AK-74 rubber butt plate
AK74-stock-rp   Russian AK-74 stock with rubber pad, take-off
AKM-muzzle-nut   Russian AK47 and early AKM muzzle nut
AK47-gas-tube   Russian AK47 gas tube
AK47-hg-set   Russian AK47 handguard set
T1-lower-hg-wood   Russian AK47 Type 1 wood lower handguard
AK47-hg-set-wood   Russian AK47 wood handguard set
T2-hg-set-wood   Russian AK47 wood handguard set
T2-lower-hg-wood   Russian AK47 wood lower handguard
AK74-hg-set   Russian AK74 handguard set
AK74-Laminate-uhg   Russian AK74 laminate upper handguard.
Gasblock-AK74-civilian   Russian AK74 type 90 degree gas block (civilian)
Gasblock-AK74-nolug1   Russian AK74 type 90 degree gas block (no lug)
Gasblock-AK74-nolug2   Russian AK74 type 90 degree gas block (no lug)
AKM-butt-plate-to   Russian AKM butt plate with trap door and screws
AKM-wood-set-23   Russian AKM furniture set
AKM-wood-set-24   Russian AKM furniture set
AKM-wood-set-25   Russian AKM furniture set
AKM-wood-set-28   Russian AKM furniture set
AKM-gas-tube-laminat-handguard   Russian AKM gas tube, w/upper handguard
AKM-Laminate-uhg   Russian AKM laminate upper handguard.
AKM-slant-brake   Russian AKM slant muzzle brake
Safety-selector   Russian AKM/AK-74 Safety Selector
AKS-74U-sight   Russian AKS-74U "Krink" sight
AKS74U-top-cover-wsandpin   Russian AKS-74U "Krink" top cover with sight and pin
AKS74U-brake   Russian AKS-74U muzzle brake
Cleaning-rod-AKS74U   Russian AKS74U (Krink) Cleaning Rod
AKSU-hg-set-nv   Russian AKS74U (Krink) handguard sets
AKS74U-Drop-case   Russian AKS74U drop case
AKS74U-gas-piston   Russian AKS74U gas piston
Safety-selector-armacon   Russian Armacon Safety Selector
Axis-pin-red   Russian Axis Pin for Fire Control Group, early (red)
Type-1-bakelite-grips   Russian bakelite AK-47 Type 1 pistol grips
Izzy-bakelite-grips   Russian bakelite Izhmash pistol grip
PKM-bakelite-grips   Russian bakelite PKM/RPK pistol grip
Bandage   Russian bandage
Bandage-old   Russian bandage, from the 50'
Bayonet-frog   Russian bayonet frog
AK-black-set-to   Russian Black AK polymer furniture set, take-off
AK-black-stock-trunnion   Russian Black AK polymer stock and 100 series trunnion kit
AK-black-stock-pad-trunnion   Russian Black AK polymer stock with pad and 100 series trunnion kit
AK-black-pad   Russian Black pad for the 100 series AK stock
AK-black-pad-new   Russian Black pad for the 100 series AK stock
AK-STKBR-stock   Russian Black STKBR folding stock
Enemal-Cross   Russian Enemal Orthodox Altar cross
Hammer-spring   Russian hammer spring
Saiga-mag   Russian Izhmash 8rd, 12 ga magazines for Saiga 12 EXP 01-030
Saiga-mag-rock-n-lock   Russian Izhmash 8rd, rock-n-lock 12 ga magazines for Saiga 12
AKM-laminate-stock-to   Russian laminate AKM stock take off
Laminate-grips-used-m   Russian Laminate pistol grip
Laminate-RPK-grip-used   Russian Laminate RPK/AKM pistol grip used
Laminate-uhg   Russian laminate upper handguard.
Makarov-grips   Russian Makarov pistol grip
AKS74U-metal-stock   Russian Metal AKS74U (Krink) Triangle stock
Bizon-metal-stock   Russian Metal Triangle Bizon stock
Vepr-10rd-mag-new   Russian Molot 10rd, 12 ga magazines for Vepr 12
Molot-DTK   Russian Molot GK-01 12 ga muzzle brake
Molot-grip   Russian Molot Grip
Vepr12-gasblock-IPSC   Russian Molot IPSC metal gas block with quick clean-out for Vepr 12
Vepr-magrelease-B   Russian Molot metal magazine release
RPK-40-bake   Russian Molot RPK 7.62x39 bakelite 40 round magazines
RPK74M-45   Russian Molot RPK74M 5.45X39 45 round magazines
Mosin-Nagant-sling-blk   Russian Mosin-Nagant slings black
SKOS-booster-long   Russian muzzle brake/booster
AK74-plum-stock-take-off   Russian Plum AK74 polymer stock, take-off
Izzy-polyamide-grips   Russian plum glass filled polyamide Izhmash pistol grip
Tula-polyamide-grips   Russian plum glass filled polyamide Tula pistol grip
PPSH-sling-blk   Russian PPSH slings black
Recoil-pad-black   Russian recoil reducing pad
Recoil-pad-brown   Russian recoil reducing pad
Recoil-pad-green   Russian recoil reducing pad
Recoil-pad-triangle-stock   Russian recoil reducing pad for triangle stocks
Recoil-pad-SVD-black   Russian recoil reducing pad. SVD/Mosin size. Black.
Recoil-pad-SVD-brown   Russian recoil reducing pad. SVD/Mosin size. Brown.
Recoil-pad-SVD-green   Russian recoil reducing pad. SVD/Mosin size. Green.
RPD-Drop-case   Russian RPD drop case
AK-RPD-sling   Russian RPD sling
RPK-Drop-case   Russian RPK drop case
RPK-sling   Russian RPK slings
RPK-sling-blk   Russian RPK slings black
RPK-sling-black-metal   Russian RPK slings black metal
RPK-sling-dd   Russian RPK slings with 2 clips
Tourniquete-bandage-izolenta   Russian Rubber tourniquet, bandage and blue electrical tape combo
Tourniquete   Russian Rubber tourniquete
AKS-Drop-case   Russian side-folder or under-folder drop case
Stamps-Kalashnikov   Russian stamps commemorating M.T. Kalashnikov
SVD-flash-hider   Russian SVD (Tigr) flash hider
SVD-flash-hider-lug   Russian SVD (Tigr) flash hider with bayonet lug
SVD-cleaning-kit   Russian SVD cleaning kit
Cleaning-rod-SVD   Russian SVD Cleaning Rod
SVD-Drop-case   Russian SVD/PSL drop case
SVD-Drop-case-leather   Russian SVD/PSL drop case brown "leather"
AK-triangle-stock-trunnion   Russian triangle metal stock and 100 series trunnion kit
T2-Spring-assembly   Russian Type 2 AK47 Recoil Spring Assembly
AK47-type2-pg   Russian wood Type 2 AK47 pistol grip
AK47-type2-pg-10pack-excellent   Russian wood Type 2 AK47 pistol grips (10 pack)
Folding-stock-pin-4.5   Russian, folding stock 4.5 mm pin
Front-latch-assembly   Russian, folding stock front latch assembly
Folding-stock-rear-assmbly   Russian, folding stock rear latch assembly
Safety-Saiga   Saiga 12 safety selector
Saiga-SKTB-hg   Saiga 12/20 polymer black handguard with pickatiny rail
AK74-stripper-clips   Set of 4 Russian AK74 stripper clips with spoon
SVD(S)-muzzle-brake   SVD(S) Muzzle brake
SVD(S)-muzzle-brake-to   SVD(S) Muzzle brake

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