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SVD-cheek-rest-used-1   SVD/Tigr cheek rest, used
SVD-cheek-rest-used-2   SVD/Tigr cheek rest, used
SVD-firing-pin   SVD/Tigr firing pins
SVD-laminate-hg   SVD/Tigr laminate handguard
SVD-stock-hg-laminate   SVD/Tigr laminate stock and handgurads set
SVD-stock-hg-laminate-7   SVD/Tigr laminate stock and handgurads set, take-off
SVD-stock-hg-tran   SVD/Tigr laminate/polymer stock and handgurads set
SVD-polymer-hg   SVD/Tigr polymer black handguard
SVD-polymer-hg-to   SVD/Tigr polymer black handguard take-offs
SVD-SKTB-hg   SVD/Tigr polymer black handguard with pickatiny rail
SVD-r-sight   SVD/Tigr rear sight leaf
SVDS-muzzle-brake   SVDS Muzzle brake
SVDS-muzzle-brake-used   SVDS Muzzle brake
SVDS-muzzle-brake-base   SVDS Muzzle brake base
SVDS-muzzle-brake=assembled   SVDS Muzzle brake, assembled
Saiga-mag-rock-n-lock-used   Used Russian Izhmash 8rd, rock-n-lock 12 ga magazines for Saiga 12

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